Friday, October 10, 2014

ROAD TRIP // Prague, Czech Republic

Last stop, Prague! Everything was so different in Prague. It was quite a hassle finding our hotel, not understanding any of the road signs. Arriving in Prague without a map, probably not the best idea. Our hotel was on a boat, so just find the river and we'll be there in no time, right? Yeah, no. Took us quite a while to find it and by the time we arrived we were too tired to still go to the city center, which left us only 1 full day to explore Prague... 

Despite the cigarette smell in the botel room, hard mattresses and the tiniest shower you'll ever see, we actually had a pleasant stay on the boat. It was something different than the typical hotels. Waking up to ducks swimming by and a nice view of the Vltava, made up for the smelly room. We didn't stay long in the room anyway, with only one day in Prague... We had to try and fit everything we wanted to do and see in just that one day, and spending half the day going from one garnet jewelry store to another wasn't the best way of seeing Prague, mom! We started off by going to the Charles Bridge and walking up the hill to the castle, where we afterwards (partly) saw the ceremonial Changing of the Guards. Unfortunately there were so many people that we could barely see a thing. So my attention was quickly drawn to something else, a man shouting very loudly in Czech, protesting solo against (I believe) the Czech government. 

Charles Bridge

St. Vitus
Changing of the guards - I took this photo on full zoom through a fence (proud!)

Strolling around the streets of Prague and falling in love. Sun finally coming out and more and more people appearing in the streets by lunch time. At a quarter to three we found ourselves on the Old Town Square, where the 'Prague Orloj' is located, a medieval astronomical clock. Along with dozens of other curious tourists we waited 15 minutes for the clock to strike, while figuring out how the clock actually works (Still did not understand after those 15 minutes of staring at it...).

We made our way to the Mucha Museum, a Czech Art Nouveau painter. By now you might have realized I am very hard to please when it comes to paintings, and again Mucha's style was not exactly what I would hang in my living room. However, I did very much enjoy walking through the museum and finding something that catches my eye, and I must admit that the drawings were so well drawn and the detail in it was really beautiful. 

Amazing smoothie at Café Per Lei

In the evening we went to a Black Light theater and saw a show called "Aspects of Alice". I must say I was rather confused throughout most of the show. It was at some points a show more for younger children as clowns were performing on stage pulling faces, and at the same time I did not fully understand the story line. It was supposedly based on Alice in Wonderland, however I did not see a lot of resemblance. The repetitive melody that played two hours long kind of got on my nerves and the black light effects were minimal... It was an interesting experience.

Loving the shoes

There were so many street artists in Prague and they were all so talented! We actually bought 3 cd's from the guys on the last photo... All these artists make the atmosphere in the streets so much better, it makes the city feel so alive. One guy and a guitar, singing his lungs out, and about 50 people sitting around him. In Luxembourg people barely look at the street artists... Shame.

I wish I could have stayed longer in Prague, in order to have a more relaxing stay and not do everything in a haste... I will definitely come back to The Czech Republic and see more than just Prague.
This was also the last stop of our little road trip and it was time to head back home. In ten days we drove through four countries, saw some of the most breathtaking sightings I have ever seen in my life, tasted new delicious foods and encountered different interesting people. It's amazing how much you learn by traveling, and that is one of the reasons I love it.


  1. went to the Mucha museum, how amazing, I would have loved that. I would definitely have his work in my home, gorgeous!! This looks like a wonderful trip :) xx