Saturday, September 06, 2014

ROAD TRIP // Austria

10am and already up in the mountains. Me with my All Stars, skinny jeans, handbag and fake Ray-Bans, between all these professional-looking hikers... Hiking is not really my thing. However after being dragged out of bed and going up with the cable car to the Lünersee, my morning mood slowly disappeared. The lake was truly mesmerizing! The water was such a beautiful blue color and the contrast with the greenery was just gorgeous! We walked around the lake, starting off with a hill and oh boy, pain in the ass, but the view certainly was rewarding! And to be honest, the rest of the walk wasn't too bad actually, it was mostly downhill or flat and with such a stunning lake next to you, you kind of forget your tired feet. 




Falling in love with Austria. First Lünersee and now Achensee. Woah. Looking back at these photos it just seems surreal. But that really is me on that rock and that really is me on that pier. Achensee was rather modern compared to Brand, the village we stayed in when we went to Lünersee. Brand was full of chalets and had so much character, but it was more a place where you would spend your Christmas holidays. During the summer the main activity is hiking. Achensee was a beautiful little gem in Austria, but unfortunately we only stayed one night there, as it was a stop on our way to Vienna. The few hours we spent there, I mostly sat on the pier, enjoying the picture-perfect view. Until it started raining...