Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ROAD TRIP // Bratislava, Slovakia

As it is only an hours drive from Vienna to Bratislava - but on our tempo, getting lost and road works and detours, two hours - we might as well stop in Bratislava for a few hours on our way to Prague. And I am glad we did! I really wish we could have stayed a few days longer, as we only visited the old city, and there was still so much more to see... Coming from the busy Vienna which was flooding with tourists, Bratislava seemed almost deserted. There were barely any tourists surprisingly enough, which only made the visit much better.
We parked our car in a parking close to the castle and walked our way down to the center of the old town. We got a small map at a tourist information center and started wandering around aimlessly through lots of small, charming streets. I could stroll around for hours, get lost in the streets of Bratislava, but knowing you'd find your way back. The city felt so small, yet it is still quite a big city. Only after having visited the city I learnt that it has got a nickname, namely "the little big city". For a capital city, Bratislava certainly gives you a "villagy" feeling. I loved the details of the city, the architecture and the art, the sculptures, the fountains, the houses,... It has so many interesting features that you wouldn't come across in other cities. Truly wish we could have stayed longer than a few hours...
We sat in an alluring cafe where we ordered fresh lemonade and later walked through a small touristic market on the main square and felt it was necessary to buy a magnet for our fridge - like we do in every city we visit. Such tourists. 

Bratislava Castle (Hrad)

Hlavné Námestie (The Main Square)

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