Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ROAD TRIP // Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Okay, so I thought I lived in a tiny country. Not saying Luxembourg isn't small, but after having visited Liechtenstein, Luxembourg seems pretty big, haha. We planned on spending the day in Liechtenstein, but shortly after arriving in Vaduz we realized a few hours was more than enough, oops. We got a map of Vaduz at the tourist information center (yes, there is one!) and walked around and about. After having seen the new parliament building, the government building and the cathedral, we decided to go for a little walk to this so called Red House, which was also on our little map. Must be a very special house then, right? But really it was a residential house - which was red. I must admit it had a lot of charm and seeing that it is a medieval house, it is after all a special little house.
Furthermore, besides the 7 euro ice cream and the beach volleyball tournament going on in the middle of the town square, there wasn't a lot more to do or see. The internet had warned me not to go, that one should only go if they just want another stamp in their passport, but you should better skip it. However I am glad I followed my curiosity and went anyway. I usually prefer the smaller cities, they often have better atmospheres and are cozier. Vaduz may be small (and expensive), but it certainly has a lot of character!

Vaduz Castle

Government Building

New Parliament Building

"Red House"


  1. What a fairy tale, it looks like you were in a storybook!

  2. Looks very nice and somehow like a great change from all the bigger countries and their capitals around :)

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