Thursday, June 12, 2014


You know that feeling when you see this amazing band live for the first time and you just get so excited and when they start playing that one song, it's just such a perfect moment and such a rush and you wish that that moment could last forever? When you finally get to see that band live, the night you had waited for for months, and for weeks you only listen to their music, 24/7. (At least that is what I do and yes take the 24/7 literally: I fall asleep while listening to music and it plays all night long, oops). This might not have been the first time I saw Kodaline live, but it was the first time I went to see them knowing their songs. I had seen them perform at RockAField, but I didn't quite know them back then. However, I do remember hearing this one song and the lyrics where so accurate for that exact moment and I just well in love with the song *deep connection*. When you can relate to a song it makes the song instantly beautiful, at least for me. A month ago I went to see Mighty Oaks - a not too well known band but oh boy I think they're great! - along with two friends and the concert was amazing! Even though I did not know all of their songs and the lyrics that go with it, the vibe was incredible! Unfortunately when that one song we wanted to hear them play started, we had to leave. I don't know whether it is just me, but leaving a concert before the end - and especially before that one song you wanted to hear out of all the songs has been played - is just harrowing! Leaving a concert early to catch the last bus back home at 11 because you live in the smallest village of the country... Thank you Luxembourg, I will just blame you for having to leave concerts early! If there were more buses you would spare me the agonizing feeling... However on the other side it's only better that Luxembourg is so small, not only the cities are smaller but the concerts are too. Huge concerts are probably fun as well but I love the smaller ones. The atmosphere is a lot better than at those enormous concerts you see on TV. In a way you feel more "connected" to the band. If you are a little human being standing in a massive crowd you probably don't even see the band properly, while at smaller concerts you are practically on stage with them. Okay, maybe not on stage, but you get the point. 
Luckily I was able to stay till the end of Kodaline's concert, and even though it seemed quite short, it certainly was a great concert and I do hope to see them live again one day! Saturday I am going to an open air concert to see Mighty Oaks again *happy dance*! An amazing event for the day after writing my last exam, yes, last written exam tomorrow!!!

The Answer


  1. Looks like an awesome time, great music xx

  2. The music is awesome! Leaving a concert early is awful..!

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