Monday, March 17, 2014

Varkala, India | part II

Oh boy, oh boy, it has been too long. School hasn't been treating me nice lately, with tons and tons of work. The end of high school is getting closer and closer! Anyway, before I start wandering off talking about my exciting gap year plans, I still need to share a couple of photos with you from my trip to Varkala, which was already three weeks ago now! *Shame on me for being such a slow blogger*

I usually don't like to pick favorites but I think the third day was definitely the best day. With a tuctuc we drove about 20 minutes, to Kappil Lake, a part of the famous Kerala Backwaters. Last April we went for a boat trip on a houseboat in Alleppey, and despite the fact that it was very busy - lakes filled with houseboats -  it was absolutely beautiful. I always love going on boat trips, but the ones in India top them all. I thought that it would be hard to top this boat trip in Alleppey, but to be honest, our boat tour on Kappil Lake, definitely did. It was mesmerizing. Beautiful and clean water with nothing but palm trees surrounding it. And lets not forget the blazing sun! No houseboats in sight. No other tourists at all, while Varkala what is only 20 minutes away, bursts with tourists. We were the only ones on the lake. Okay maybe not the only ones. All of a sudden a head popped up. And then another one, and another one. These men were fishing, by holding their breath for a crazy long time and then catching the fish bare handed... Skilled!

Casually crossing a river

We sailed past a bunch of waterlilies, and when our boat driver picked one out of the water, we wondered why, why kill this pretty waterlily? Not more than 3 minutes later he gives us a necklace he made out of it. Do not ask me how he did it, but it was really pretty, haha. (and a few hours later it was completely dried out)...

Our tuctuc driver for the day told us there was a festival going on in a small town, about half an hour away from Varkala. We decided to go, because what is a visit to India without having seen a festival? In this village - I forgot the name - clearly no tourist ever sets foot. I felt a bit guilty as all eyes were on us whiteys and not on the people dancing in the festival. However, luckily the attention on us faded away after a while. The festival was quite similar to the one we saw last year. This festival was held to honor Shiva, one of the Hindu gods. Men wearing massive costumes (costumes of about 5 meters high! - must be so heavy, no?), boys playing drums, trucks with statues and music, it's really something. I love how you would never see such festivals in Luxembourg, or any other Western country for that matter. The feeling you get sitting there, feeling the drums in your stomach, seeing all the happy Indian faces, it's really something.

I love rickshaws so much, why is the weather in Luxembourg so bad why can't we have tuctucs why why why

Aaaand this was about the time I started feeling ill. As much as I love Indian food, my stomach thinks differently... I stayed in bed until 3pm the next day, inevitable getting sick in India (often), but it sure is a shame. I would have preferred spending my day outside in the sun, discovering as much as I possibly can of India, rather than in bed. But I had no choice. 

Part 3, the last two days, will be up soon, I promise! Stay tuned xxx


  1. Wow, this sounds like so much fun! And you have such awesome photography skills!

  2. Desperate to go on a tuctuc now! Haha, I'm a slow blogger is so busy! Glad you found the time to post this though! I wish I could catch fish bare handed. This post really made me smile :-)