Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Normandy and Paris, France

Hi there! I know I am yet again so late with this post, and for that, my apologies... I was waiting for Odile's photos, but it is taking quite a while and so I decided to just add them when I receive them. So at the end of last month, I went to France for a week, along with Odile and Charlotte. Every year I visit my dad (and donkey) there, who has a farmhouse in a small village in Normandy.
The days mostly consisted of relaxing in the field with my donkey. We went to the local market in L'Aigle, where they sell livestock. (There were so many cute animals such as rabbits, I nearly took one home with me...). We also went cycling, we cycled to the nearest town, Sainte Gauburge, and just going around and about. On Wednesday we went to Paris for the day. First we had lunch at La Tour Eiffel, and afterwards we went shopping in La Defense. In the evening we met up with my half sister Delphine, and had supper at a Chinese restaurant together.
We basically spent most of our time with my donkey, grooming him and going for short walks. I already miss that donkey so much!

My fattie 


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  2. thank you for your kind comment ! the photos are amazing ♥

  3. Such cute photos! Looks like it's been great weather and you've been having an amazing time :)

    Love, When You Dream Big x

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    Those pictures look so lovely, looks like a great holiday!

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    1. BEAUTIFUL pics honey!!!


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  8. amazing pics

  9. wish I was there...wonderful pics