Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden | Part II

Hi there! So here is part II, Stockholm!

My mom and I took a direct train from Copenhagen to Stockholm, which departed at 8am, and we would arrive in Stockholm at 2pm, supposedly. The 2pm turned into 6pm... Somewhere in the middle of Sweden we had to stop for 3 hours, because a train in front of us wasn't functioning anymore, and it took them a while to move it. It was quite a shame that we arrived that late, because we only had 1.5 days in Stockholm, and that turned into only 1...! 
We got up quite early the next day, because wanted to see and do as much as possible in the one day we had in Stockholm. We started with going to the Old Town. This is - believe it or not - the oldest part of Stockholm, where also the palace is sited. I found the Old Town definitely the most beautiful part of Stockholm. I loved all the little streets there, it was really cosy and the atmosphere was very nice. :)
Afterwards we went to Djurgårdsslätten, with (yes again!) a hop on hop off boat. There we went to a parc called Skansen, where there are lots of small houses which are made in an old Swedish style. The whole parc is full of typical Scandinavian things, there even is a zoo, but they only have animals which you can find in Scandinavia, such as bears, wolves and reindeer. After walking around for a while, we decided to go back to the mainland, and when we were about to hop on the boat back, my mom realised she had lost her wallet. Panic, panic, panic. We went back to Skansen, asked a bunch of employees whether they had found something, but nothing. We walked past the places where we had been, but no wallet nowhere... Then after deactivating the visa card, we went back to the harbour, and of course, someone had found it there. Relieved we got the wallet back, with everything still in it. We should have looked around the harbour first, before running straight back to Skansen... 
After this little incidence, we lost quite a lot of time and so we decided to just calm down a bit and go back to the hotel a bit earlier. Just before heading back we quickly strolled into one of many H&Ms. Since it's Swedish, we had to at least go inside one. (And it was the biggest H&M I had ever been in, woah, it was massive!)

We didn't have the best of luck during our stay in Sweden, but despite everything, I did really enjoy exploring Stockholm! Next week the final part will be up, so stay tuned! xo

 View from train, so beautiful!
The Parlement
Old Town
Sveriges Kungahus
Changing of the guards
Bakery at Skansen, it smelled divine inside! No words to describe it, we just had to buy something there!
Bears at Skansen
@Hard Rock Café

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  1. Gorgeous photos, doll!