Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark | Part I

Hi there! Last Thursday my mom and I arrived back in Almelo, after our ten-day journey through Scandinavia. On Friday we went to Luxembourg again, together with Celina, a friend of mine who lives in Haaksbergen. We stayed in Luxembourg for three full days and now I'm back in Almelo again, and I have the time to tell you all about my journey through Scandinavia. I will split it into three posts. First one, this one, is about Copenhagen, Denmark. The second post, which will be up in a few days, will be about Stockholm, Sweden, and finally, the third post will be about Oslo, Norway. We only visited the capital cities, since we had just 10 days to travel. I really enjoyed exploring the three cities, but on the other hand I think it's a shame we didn't see a lot of the beautiful countryside, such as the enormous lakes in Sweden or the fjords in Norway. But I am certain that one day I will go back there to explore the rest of the countries.


Crown at Rosenborg
Den Lille Havfrue
Iced coffee at Café Norden, sooo delicious!

Tuesday night, my mom and I took a night train from Eindhoven to Copenhagen. I had never been in a night train before (or maybe once, when I was about 3 years old, but I have no memory of that) so it was quite an interesting experience. I must say that despite having to sleep on a not all too comforatable, small bed, I quite enjoyed it. It's probably not something for everyone, but I love travelling and so sure, why not?
We arrived in Copenhagen at 11am, headed straight to our hotel, dropped of our bags, quickly refreshed ourselves and immediately started to walk around the city. The first day of our journey, this day, the weather was definitely the best, sunny, but not too hot. Being the tourists that we are, we bought a hop on hop off bus ticket (... yep) and hopped on the bus. We visited the Amalienborg palace, Nyhavn and walked through lots of nice streets. 
The second day, we went to the national gallery of Denmark, Statens Museum. I am not exactly one of those who can walk around museums for hours and hours, but there are some paintings and sculptures which I think are really beautiful and I enjoy looking at them. In Statens Museum they also had a department with modern art. I knew I didn't like modern art, but seriously, I just don't understand it. Those pieces of "art" just confuse me. They say you should see how you feel when you look at certain pieces, some feel sad, some angry, or happy, lonely, scared, amused,... but they just leave me confused. I am definitely one of those who just doesn't understand modern art.
After visiting the museum we went to Rosenborg castle, where they present a lot of treasury like crowns, thrones, silverware, etc. Then we walked past the famous Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid), and also the Amalienborg palace again.
In the afternoon we went for a short boat trip, a canal tour. The boat showed us the main attractions again, but this time we saw them from sea :).

That is pretty much all the sightseeing we did in Copenhagen. We also went to some really nice cafés and restaurants, and ofcourse we walked through Strøget, the shopping street, as well. (Although the stores are amazing there, I did not do a lot of shopping, since we had small suitcases and couldn't carry a lot extra.)

Thursday morning we took a train to Stockholm, and in my next post you will read all about it :) 
There is so much I could tell you, I could write pages and pages about my all my journeys, but I try to keep it short... See you in a few days! xo


  1. look mlike you had a great time dear


  2. That crown is amazing! I can't wait until your Norway post - I would love to visit some day!


  3. Oh yeah, I have that 'confused' feel when I see some works of art. I do understand a lot of artworks, but some, I too don't understand and they leave me confused. Sometimes so confused that I don't even know if I like it or not! Lolz!!!
    Copenhagen vacation looks great! Awaiting your Stockholm travelogue!!! :)
    Btw, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog Daisy. I'd love it if you follow too! :)
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