Saturday, November 03, 2012

Amalfi, Italy

When my mom and I landed in Pescara (east coast), the first thing we did, after picking up our hired car, was going to Auchan. Was surprised to see that there! (afterwards also saw it in Pompeii and Naples). Then we hit the road, heading to Amalfi (west coast), so we basically crossed the county.

The road trip normally takes about 3 hours (if you drive like a true Italian!!), but it took us 5 hours! We had to go through mountains (covered in snow!), we had to find the right way (got lost in Pagani...), and we had to drive carefully on the small road from Salerno to Amalfi. It's a very famous road due to it being beautiful.

^our hotel: Il Nido
^view from the balcony
^the beautiful weather, look at that wave...
but the weather got better!
The next day, Tuesday, we went to Pompeii. We wandered around for about 2 hours. I found it quite spectacular to see bodies of people who lived more than 2000 years ago! 

So my mom wanted to see a certain house with beautiful murals, but unfortunately the house was locked up. My mom asked one of the fifteen security guards why so, and he said that there weren't enough guards to guard all the places. But the lovely guard said then that we could visit another house which was locked up! So he took his keys, opened the small gate and we entered. Quite cool that we were the only ones to see that house then :) haha (below is that house, it was pretty big!)

It's weird to see how much is left of Pompeii actually. But after 2 hours I had quite enough of all the walking around, and so we left and had a bite to eat - pizza.

The third day, Wednesday, we went to Vietri Sul Mare. We walked through some small streets, bought some souvenirs. Afterwards we went to Salerno, where we also walked through some streets and had lunch in a small restaurant, we ate pizza.
Thursday we had to leave our hotel room, and go to Pescara (again the long road trip!). We stopped in Naples/Napoli and went to Da Michele! It's the oldest/most famous pizzeria in the world. We had to wait ±30 minutes to get a place, which wasn't even that much! There are two pizzas on the menu, Margarita and Marina, both in 3 sizes, but when we wanted to order, no one came, we just got our pizzas without ordering... I guess that's what you get when your business is very very good! The pizza was absolutely delicious though! Divine! (click!)


We arrived in Pescara after a 3.5 hour trip, went a lot faster then the other trip! (well 3.5 when we don't count the time driving around Pescara trying to find our B&B!) In the evening we went to see the city, and we came across a cioccolato market! Sadly I didn't bring my camera... But there was so. much. chocolate. We bought this chocolate key, and it was delicious, real chocolate!

All in all, the trip was really nice, but the weather could have been better and a navigator would've been very useful! Now being home I really miss the pizzas! I ate a pizza (and pasta! only had 1 gelato) everyday for 4 days, and now...

Hope you all have a great weekend, arrivederci! xo


  1. It looks like really amazing adventure Dear!
    Amazing photos :)


  2. I love Amalfi Coast!!! I travel eery years.
    Kiss from AndalucĂ­a

  3. Wow what a nice trip!